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Tina, Paul and Family, welcome you to the Shoulder of Mutton, a traditional village pub in the archetypal English village of Osmaston with it’s Duck Pond, Church and Thatched Cottages.

Village History

The earliest reference to Osmaston near Ashbourne appeared in the 1086 in the Doomsday book when it was known as Osmundestone. By 1515 it appears as Osmaston, which literally means Osmund’s farm. It later became known as Whitestone and then as Osmaston – in – the – wood. The earliest record of the Shoulder of Mutton in the village of Osmaston is in 1783 and it was kept by Hannah Swain and then her son James.

On 22 May 1846 the foundation stone was laid for the building of Osmaston Manor, this was to make a vast impression on Osmaston as a village, where over 300 labourers and tradesmen were employed in building this house which was 333 feet long and had 49 bells on its bell board and a conservatory 80 foot in length. It was built for Francis Wright at a cost of £80,000, and was completed on 11 July 1849. Unfortunately the Manor no longer exists, but the grounds remain with many footpaths and walks for the more experienced rambler or for those who just want a light stroll.

derbyshire village pub, Osmaston

The Shoulder of Mutton

Now in our 21st Year we have maintained that traditional village pub feel, with a light airy lounge available for Weddings, Parties and meetings as currently used by the Ashbourne Shire Horse Society. Along side, the cosy main bar, perfect for that relaxing lunch or evening meal.

Our pub continues to serve a varied menu of Hot and Cold meals and snacks that combine the best of English home cooking with influences from abroad. Visit our food menu page to see the full menu. There should be something suitable for everyone.

The building of the post office in 1995 and the addition of the village shop provides a valuable service to Osmaston and the surrounding communities.

We offer our visitors a chance to experience our rich history by visiting our village and the pub. We welcome you into our small community and hope to see you very soon.

To find out more or to book your occasion party visit our contact us page and get in touch.


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